I’m Clark Williams. I Help People and Business cross linguistic and cultural barriers.

When I started learning French as a teenager, it was an absolute revelation for me. I had assumed that the process of learning a language would consist of memorizing alternate words for all the ones I was used to using in English. I was shocked – and more than a little intimidated – when I realized that the mechanics of French were quite different than those of English! As I continued studying the language, I realized that these different pathways of making meaning, result in an entirely different perspective on the world, which amounts to a culture with its own understanding of things. This creates a beautiful diversity, and, for me, learning a language became a way of understanding in some small way how another person’s thought process works.
Though this diversity is extraordinarily valuable to the human experience, it is often a source of frustration in our day-to-day lives when we need to communicate across a language barrier. I experienced another revelation upon moving to France after I completed my undergraduate degree in French. I thought that majoring in French would make me an impeccably fluent French speaker – after all, if I could read Flaubert, Duras, all these literary heavyweights, then what couldn’t I do? Well, simply speaking to a real estate agent in order to rent an apartment proved to be more difficult than reading Baudelaire! Over the years, however, I learned through often very confusing exchanges and bureaucratic procedures, and now I am happy to say that I feel perfectly comfortable living in a Francophone environment.
It’s become my mission to use my hard-earned expertise in written and spoken French and first-hand knowledge of French culture to help others to communicate more effectively in the francophone world.

I’ll help you get through the thorny passageways between these two ancient and beautiful languages!

Topics I Can Help You With



Translation into English for official documents and into French for personal use.


Writing and Editing

Writing formal, business English and French in official correspondance.



How do you speak to a French or English audience? A French business that deals with an English-speaking clientele or an English-speaking individual who needs to work or live in France for an extended time will benefit from linguistic-cultural coaching.


Help with your French property

Do you have a vacation house in France that you need help finding professional workers for? Need help figuring out how to pay your bills? Let me know and I’ll be glad to help you.



Researching something in English or French? I will undertake your research, whether it’s genealogical, business-oriented, scientific, journalistic, or otherwise.