Clark Williams, translator, poet, singer, English teacher

Clark Williams / Big Kitty


hen I was born there were robots everywhere, only I didn’t realize it yet. It took long into my adulthood to realize just how many of these creatures I had assumed to be human were indeed robots. Now it’s easy to see them–in fact, nearly all of them are. It can be quite scary to be alive amongst them. Many of them have weapons and would like to harm you if they found out what you really believe, especially if you have feelings of love inside. The worst part is that they don’t know they are robots themselves.

This exhibition contains some photographs I have made of robots who are masquerading as humans. If you stopped and asked any of the depicted people if they were a robot, they would scoff at you and call you crazy. But you’re not crazy. Or are you? I don’t know who you are at all. But I guess I don’t think anyone’s really crazy. I think the idea of “crazy” was thought up by robots, to keep from being recognized.


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